practice areas

Purchase and Sale Transactions involving raw land, office buildings, private residences, industrial sites, apartment buildings, retail stores and shopping centers. Experience includes loan portfolio dispositions and 1031 Exchanges.

Real Property Finance involving mortgage lenders and borrowers: multi-state financing, leveraged buy-outs, single property financing, acquisition financing, property refinancing and construction financing.

Loan Work-Outs involving restructuring of multi-property, multi-million dollar secured bank financing as well as single use secured commercial and residential bank financing. To achieve a sustainable property budget on a going-forward basis, representation involves a property expense analysis and action plan to streamline expenses and maximize access to cash flow.

Commercial Leasing on behalf of landlords and tenants involving ground leases, leases for commercial office buildings, commercial and office space within buildings, light industrial and warehouse spaces, shopping centers, free standing retail stores and residential apartment buildings.

Gas Drilling Leases and Pipeline Easement Agreements involving analysis for property owners of gas drilling leases or pipeline easement agreements; explanation of the potential impacts associated with entering into a lease or pipeline easement agreement with a gas drilling company, or taking title to property subject to an existing gas drilling lease or pipeline easement agreement; and suggested approaches for maintaining property value impacted by, among other things, restrictions on property use or loss of access to drinkable water.

Construction Projects involve use of customized AIA contracts and have included representation of real estate developers, real property owners, architects and contractors to build a playhouse theater, houses of worship, schools, college dormitory, library, motorcycle dealership and showroom, interior office spaces including full-floor and partial floor build-outs and private residences.

 Residential Real Estate represents a family’s most valuable asset; financially, spiritually and otherwise. Attention to the property’s location, access to drinkable water, historical use, current condition and encumbrances all impact its continued use, value and marketability. RADOW LAW provides counsel at every stage of home ownership:

  • Purchase
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Re-financings
  • Renovation
  • Loan work-outs if necessary
  • Adaptation for disability or aging
  • Sale
  • Efficiency upgrades

Getting to YES: Beth is a certified mediator. She approaches each client transaction with the philosophy that the due diligence and contract negotiation process presents multiple opportunities for transforming a client’s goals into positive results, while also preventing potential future disputes. Beth's practice also includes mediation of contract-related disputes arising after a contract has been entered into and before it is fully performed, with the goal of forging a deliberative, yet prompt and cost effective settlement, outside of a court setting.

A word about "green building:" Americans currently spend more than 90% of our time indoors. America's energy consumption in the built environment represents more than 75% of our nation's electrical consumption while emitting approximately one-half of the nation's greenhouse gases. Federal, state and local laws linked to green building standards have evolved with the development of building programs to encourage energy efficiency in the built environment. The predominant role of green buildings is energy efficiency. Yet, mindful that the choice of building materials can either adversely impact or help enhance our health, Beth works with clients to make choices that achieve an energy-efficient built environment while also protecting well-being. 


RADOW LAW PLLC is a woman owned law firm.

**NOTE: This website provides general information which does not constitute legal advice. Before establishing an attorney-client relationship and undertaking client representation, Beth speaks directly to each prospective client and enters into a mutual written agreement with the client.